Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday December 15th, 2013

When I put these posts together, I end up doing about an hour of research looking at all sorts of deals. I don’t like settling on one deal, knowing that if I dig a little further, I might find a better one.

I started on Amazon because there are a couple of good deals. They aren’t the best I’ve seen on these two sets, but they are still good. The nice thing is, we all run our stores a little bit different so what is old news to some might be a blessing to others, delivered at just the right time.

70004 Wakz Pack Tracker is currently $17.99 down from $29.99 on Amazon. That’s 40% off and a 2.86x part out at a total value of $51.49. The only problem is that the limit on this set is 3.
70009 Worriz Combat Lair is also on sale for a current price of $47.99 down from $69.99. That is 32% off which is better than LEGO Shop@Home had it a month ago or so. The part out value is $137.88 giving you a ratio of 2.87x. So you can assume these deals are about equal. One is not better than the other. Even worse though, the limit on this set is 2 per order. Ouch.

Then I kept digging because that really isn’t enough to make it a good deal. Sure, you could buy 3 of one and 2 of the other for a pre-tax total of $149.95 which would have a total part out value of $430.23 and a ratio of 2.87x…Wait, why did I even do the math on that last part. Ugh.
So I know that most store start their new week’s sales on Sunday. Hey! Today is Sunday! Target may not have Clone Trooper packs for $6 each anymore (though I suppose they could if you checked in-store), but they have a couple of sets at a good sale price.

First, they also have 70009 Worriz Combat Lair for the same price of $47.99. The only difference here is that you have the all-powerful RedCard which will get you down to $45.59 and a new ratio of 3.02x. And the best part, you can get up to 8 copies of this set and all it takes is 1 copy to get free shipping.
I’m hoping you didn’t stop reading after the Amazon sale…
The other set they have on sale is in fact not FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) so the price is higher there.
75017 Duel on Geonosis is down to $30 from $39.99 which is 25% off. It’s not a stellar set, but the part out value is $72.62 with a ratio of 2.55x after the RedCard discount. For me, I’d get 8 75017s because I’ve already parted out a couple of 70009s, but the Chima set is a much better value.

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