Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday December 14th, 2013

Today’s deal is kind of a help yourself buffet. There are a lot of decent deals to be had if you are looking to spend. Nothing I have seen is a must-buy, but there are some great opportunities to pick up more copies of some sets you are looking to part out. The more copies of a set you part out, the better your chances of selling some of the parts within is. Personally, I have a few sets with only 4 or 5 copies right now and I am hoping to get some more before I part them all out together. I’d use these deals today to pick up a few more copies at similar sales to when I got the first few sets.

Barnes & Noble ( has BOGO 50% on all LEGO both in-store and online. Their free shipping threshold starts at $25 so that’s no big deal. Look closely though. Some of their sets are at MSRP, but some of them are marked up both at TRU levels and EVEN HIGHER on some. They want $259.99 for the Republic Gunship, yes, the one which was $80 at TRU before Black Friday. (I bought 14 of them :D)

I tested it out and it looks like the BOGO 50% off applies to as many sets as you’d like. They will apply the discounts to the cheapest items in your cart of course, but that’s nothing new. I put 4 Silver Mine Shootouts and 4 Daily Bugle Showdowns in my cart and basically all 4 Lone Ranger sets were right at $79.99 (BN price), and all 4 Marvel sets were half off of their BN price of $52.49. So check out how bad the markups are and see if you can’t get some more sets that you’d like to add to your part-out stack. It appears the maximum quantity for any set is 5. I didn’t try anything rare or conversely, anything too common. I also don’t know that they would limit you in-store, however, they may not have more than 5 of any set in-store. I also read that the offer is good once per customer. I thought that meant you could buy 4 sets but only one of them would have a discount. Thankfully that’s not true. It basically comes out to buy 3, get 1 free at BN prices with free shipping. So check that out if you are interested.

If their markups are turning you off, and I don’t blame you, there is another option. This one won’t get you quantity, but it will get you a discount on a LEGO Direct set which is no easy task these days. Target, along with the other retailers will most likely be implementing this more often in the near future. No retailers are allowed to sell Exclusives at ANY discount anymore, not even LBR stores. What’s the workaround? Well giftcards and bonus points of course. LEGO had triple VIP points and giftcards and that made us all forget that we were paying full price for their most expensive sets. Target is now offering giftcards for 3 large, Exclusive sets. And of course, they more than qualify for free shipping. These sets aren’t available in stores anyway. The Death Star gets you a $50 giftcard, EV3 gets you a $35 giftcard, and 10228 The Haunted House gets you a $30 giftcard. Now keep in mind, these are giftcards which must be used for future purchases. Of course, those purchases could already be clearance prices, especially in January and February, but there is no discount applied to the initial purchase. There is however always the RedCard discount at Target. If you have 1 store card, may I recommend the RedCard over the TRU card, a Walmart card, or any other cards. The RedCard knocks $7 off the other price bringing the Haunted House to $170.99. I’d take 5% off now over 5% towards VIP dollars ANY DAY!! At the moment, the only incentive from LEGO would be the holiday PaB box which you can fill up after the holidays. So if you have your heart set on getting the Haunted House, you have to ask yourself. What’s worth more, the PaB box of a $30 giftcard? I checked and if you buy 2 Haunted Houses, you still get 1 giftcard. I’m not sure if you can place orders all day long, but I’m willing to bet you can’t get 15 of these. Plus, the RedCard limit (at least for me), is $500. The part out value is $363.27, so even at full price, you’re good. I have one sealed and I don’t plan on opening it, but if you can get at least 3, I’d say it’s worth parting them out.

Finally, Shop@Home dropped some of their clearance prices the other day. Nothing worth buying up, but there is one set which is now at a phenomenal price. 4625 LEGO Pink Brick Box is now 50% off at $7.48 down from $14.99. A cheap brick box like this shouldn’t even be on your radar, but since it has a number of “different” colors, the part out value may surprise you. $35.46 in fact. That’s very, VERY good for this 50% off price. The downside is that the limit is 5 per order. Maybe you can get an order or 2 in each day, but you still need to buy a lot more to get yourself to $75 for free shipping. Biggest bummer, the Mini Modulars are now listed as sold out. I’m willing to bet that I caused that to happen.

So take your pick because there are always discounts to be had. Make sure you check what the markup is before buying anything from B&N. is a great resource. I use it every day to double check MSRP’s.

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