Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Friday December 13th, 2013

Today’s deal is brought to you by a long-time supporter of my YouTube channel. You know who you are.

Target may have BOGO 50% off on City and Friends (or what remains of the shelves which once held LEGO sets), but those are mediocre. What you need to get is the most secret of secret deals. If you go to the boys clothing section, there will be a temporary cardboard rack with several toys that are marked as $8 each. The signage lists which items you should find there, 2 LEGO sets and 2 NERF toys. One of the sets is a City Police set (Snoozeville, USA). And they aren’t even cool NERF guns, they are the lame ones. The set that should interest you is Star Wars 75000 Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas. 124 pcs, 4 figs (2 if you don’t count droids), and an MSRP of $12.99. The LEGO Store had them recently for $9.99 and I’m glad I passed them up then.

The part out value is $23.18, but I’ve told you over and over again. If you want to make the sales, you need to invest in the sets which not everyone is parting out. The cheaper as set is, the more novice BrickLinkers will be parting them out. You could fill a store with only parts from polybags, and it would be pretty cheap, but you’d have all of the parts that nobody really needs. This set is the same as any other cheap set, but 46% off is too good to pass up.

But Chris, $8 is not 46% of $13. No, it’s not, but I’m not finished. Settle down. So the signs will all say $8. The scanners will even say $8. But the registers will say $6 (or one for $8 and another for $4). I did not find any in the cardboard rack so I went to the LEGO aisle. There they had tons of them. There was also a sign that said BOGO 50% select sets. You’d think that referred to City and Friends. But it also includes this set. That makes them $6 plus tax when bought in pairs. Don’t forget your RedCard! That’s $5.70 plus tax each!! That’s 4.07x the price you paid in part out value.

The two clone troopers sell for about $4 each, but I am going to list them for $3 each. With any luck, my 20 clones (of the 10 copies I bought so far) will sell quickly and get me my money back. The rest of the parts will then be free in my store. I do not plan on selling the Droidekas whole, but instead I’ll part them out completely.

Stay tuned to for an analysis of this set coming soon.

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