Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday December 12th, 2013

Today’s deals are all about convenience and free shipping. You don’t even have to leave your house to take advantage of the big companies…err, to take advantage of some good (not great, we’ll stick with good) deals on LEGO.

Most LEGO retailers offer free shipping online once a minimum purchase is met. Luckily for us, LEGO is so expensive that you hardly have to buy any before you qualify for free shipping. I’m going to list some sets that are on sale from various retailers and you can pick and choose which ones you buy. Of course, we’ve all bought LEGO sets in the past and some of these might be old news to you. Rarely will I present you with a fantastic deal on a set that you haven’t gotten at a comparable price before, but I’m just here to help you spend your money on wise LEGO decisions.

Let’s start with Walmart. I’m not sure which is more despised, TRU for their high prices, or Walmart for destroying America and just being Walmart. Anyway, I buy from whoever presents me with the best deal. It could be a guy selling me stolen sets from the back of a van. As an investor, I need to minimize my costs. Who’s hands are upon the LEGO before mine is irrelevant. Well that was a tangent, wasn’t it?

76009 Superman Black Zero Escape or “Black Escape” as Walmart has it:
is currently at $13.99. That’s 30% off of the MSRP of $19.99. Before you tell me, just keep reading. Yes, this set was on sale prior to Black Friday, and yes, the sale price became the base price for 30% off all LEGO on Black Friday. Well, maybe that guy (you know the one) bought them all and you weren’t able to get any that day. Well, they are still on sale and the part out value does happen to be $36.25. That’s 2.59x the sale price. Not too shabby. Plus, what’s an additional 30% off of $14 (don’t answer that) plus dealing with Black Friday crowds (at Walmart!!) compared to shipping them to your house for free?

There is a limit of 5 copies per order and you’ll need to buy 3 to get yourself over $35 for free shipping. I’d offer you some consolation prizes to add to your order, but it appears, save one Speedor, that nothing else is both on sale and available for purchase online. This is the only set you can buy on sale and have it shipped to you. Well at least the limit isn’t 2, keeping you under the free shipping threshold.

Now that we’ve covered Walmart (make sure to wash your hands and possibly your eyes), let’s talk about Kmart.

Hey, stop it! Stop throwing all of that garbage! I told you that both deals involve free shipping and you could do it from home!!

We all know Kmart, it’s the department store of yesteryear. It has at least 3x as many employees as there are customers in the store at any given time. They flat out got rid of half the register aisles in order to put seasonal and clearance items in their place. I can’t think of a time when a Kmart needed 20 registers. Now they have about 10 and only 1 is open for old ladies and me, buying carts full of LEGO. You might know Kmart as that place where the parking lot is always empty and I can buy Stack-Ons 2 at a time but they are probably broken. If only Walmart customers knew of this oasis of litter-free aisles and end caps NOT boasting half drank, unpaid for sodas.

I guess I’m back to my long posts. It really depends on when I am typing them. 2:10am at the moment.

So the new Hobbit sets are out and although I doubt Kmart has them in the stores, they are on the website. Prepare for facts and figures!

79011 Dol Guldur Ambush
MSRP: $19.99
Kmart online only price: $17.49 (13% off)
Part out value: $37.83 (2.16x)
max quantity: 5

79012 Mirkwood Elf Army
MSRP: 29.99
Kmart online only price: $26.24 (13% off)
Part out value: $71.81 (2.39x)
max quantity: 5

79013 Lake-town Chase
MSRP: $49.99
Kmart online only price: $43.74 (13% off)
Part out value: $92.76 (2.12x)
max quantity: 5

79014 Dol Guldur Battle
MSRP: $69.99
Kmart online only price: $62.99 (11% off)
Part out value: still unknown
max quantity: 5

So it would appear the move here is to get 5 Mirkwood Elf Armies. They have the best part out percentage and that set has the Mode for minifigs (busting out some middle school math). The name of the set suggests, and rightfully so, that it is an army builder. You’ll get the highest quantity of particular figs with that set in bulk.

Don’t worry about 79014. The inventory is pending and will be approved soon, but since the percentage is lower than the other 3, I think you have better options.

Did you enjoy this post? Check back daily because there will be a new one every single day! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment and/or share this tip to your favorite social media platform.


6 thoughts on “Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Thursday December 12th, 2013

  1. Clutch, This is a great idea. I love your format and you appear to be a pretty clever writer. Any way Target currently has City sets buy one get one 50% off. I know you knew that but I stopped by today and they had a Lego Nerf shipper (or mini pallet module) in the youth boys clothing dept. On it is nerf footballs, a Lego city set(who cares) and a star wars set 75000. The original retail is 12.99. They are on sale for $8 and because it is on the shipper it is buy one get one 50 off. So wait (counting on my toes). That’s $6 each or half off reg retail. Small set, but the clone figs are armyable (is that a word). What you think??

    1. Thanks Mardigrasman! I am trained in broadcast writing, but I just write how I speak. So reading one of my posts is like watching one of my videos. Target has City as well as Friends on BOGO 50% off. If they had the new Friends sets on shelves, it would be a good deal, but the current ones are tired. Not that they don’t still have good part out values, I’m just not as interested in revisiting any of them. As far as City, well, you’d be hard pressed to find a City set with a good part out value. $6 is phenomenal for 75000 as the part out value is $23.20. I wouldn’t go after them though unless you could get 10-20 of them. There are 4 figs, but two of them are brick-built droids. Plus, you’d have to part out an awful lot of them to get the attention of an army building buyer. However, if you were to part out any number of them and drop the figs to $3 each, you’d make your money back with those two figs and then all of the other parts are free for your store. I’ll check it out and perhaps this can be tomorrow’s post.

  2. Thanks, I checked another target and they don’t even have them at $8 much less the buy one get one 50 off. They stocked them all on the reg shelf at reg price. They had that mod stocked with all different toys. However I forgot to scan to check price because at my Target they did have a preprinted sale sign. I got 2, going back in a few to pick up 4 more, maybe 6. The

      1. Don’t know if I will get to another Target prior to sale ending so you may have to check yours if you get a chance. The one closest to my house is the one that I know has them for that price, bought 2 this morning and it worked plus (Clutch’s everday tip) used the redcard 5% off. They also found two drugboats in the back and put on the shelf. $69 I think buy one get one 50% off. Is it just sold out or is it retiring as I havn’t seen them anywhere in over a month. Should I pick them up. Thinking about ebay. Are you interested I don’t know if I want to drop another hundo.

    1. The Drug Boat isn’t retired or retiring. It is still fairly new. The reason you aren’t seeing it is because it is popular. This happened with Jabba’s Palace. LEGO caught heat because it looked like a mosque. Then they said they were going to retire it (after it finished its 2-year run like any other set). Idiot speculators decided to buy them all up which caused average LEGO fans to think that LEGO had pulled it from the shelves. Oh, and now look what is all over the place…Jabba’s Palace!! Idiots. I watched them sell at $180 in April when they were hard to find…hard to find because all of the resellers had bought them! Ugh, no, I’m not going after the Drug Boat right now. I’ve got a monster heap of sets to part out.

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