Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Tuesday December 10th, 2013

Sorry for the delay with today’s deal. It’s snowing like crazy and I’m trying to catch up from my time away.

Today I’ll be telling you about a set that is 50% off! And no, it’s not one of TRU’s recent stabs at “good deals.” Target has Galaxy Squad 70708 Hive Crawler on sale for $35 down from $69.99. That’s madness!

The part out value is $117.28 so that’s 3.53x the price you paid with your RedCard discount added on. Now don’t go throwing all of your money at this one. Galaxy Squad isn’t a huge money maker. None of the minifigs are exclusive, and they price similarly to the LOTR minifigs. They look cool but aren’t worth very much money.

I have not opened my 6 (of a hopeful 15) yet, but from what I can see on the box, there are some really nice parts/colors in this set. Anytime a set is 50% off, I say buy it. currently has the set listed as unavailable online/sold in stores/available for store pickup. Don’t delay, as we saw with the Rancor Pit, they can end deals whenever they choose. I’ve bought the entire row of sets at 2 different Target locations, and both times there were only 3 sets to be had.

Cost: $33.25 (plus tax)
Store value: $117.28

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