Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Sunday December 8th, 2013

Alright, I’m really tired so this one’s gonna be quick. I knew this would happen. I write about these deals every day and then I wind up buying too many of them myself. Today you’ll be stocking up on Star Wars sets.

The Rancor Pit 75005 is on sale from Target online for $38.95. That’s 35% off from the MSRP of $59.99. The Rancor itself sells for $20 and the total part out value is $90.17. That’s 2.3x the price you paid. The deal does not mention that the same price will be seen in store. A few days ago I posted a Target deal in which the online price was cheaper than the in-store price. The good news if you don’t want to have them shipped, is that they are available for store pickup after paying for them online. If you arrive at the store and the price is higher, you can order them online from your smartphone and watch an employee go pick them off the shelf for you. Then you’ll get them in-store with the online pricing. Of course, if the price is the same, you can just buy as many as you want right there. Today is my last day in Pittsburgh selling at a convention and I plan to pick some up on my way in this morning. I’ll be selling Rancors for $25 each and the rest of the sets will be parted out in my store for an additional $70 of inventory.

Didn’t get what you wanted? Well there’s a consolation prize. The 75019 AT-TE is 36% off at Target as well for $57.95. The total part out value is $144.50 so that’s 2.5x the price you paid. This one requires you to order it online and then pick it up in store. There is also a limit of 1 per customer. Again, I am not sure if the price is the same as in-store or if it is even on sale in-store. I won’t know until I check it out on my way in today. The limit on the Rancor Pit is 8 copies and I advise that over the AT-TE simply because of the quantity limitation.

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