Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Wednesday December 4th, 2013

Today’s post might not be as thrilling as yesterday’s, but there are always good deals to be had!

Today we’ll be shopping on Amazon. I’ve long debated whether Amazon Prime was for me or not. I have found no benefits to it. I don’t need the LEGO I would order that quickly, they limit the quantity you can buy unlike most retail stores, they charge a yearly fee, any LEGO I would order would be over the free shipping threshold anyway. So it’s not for me. If you have no stores near where you live, then maybe.

I’ve picked out two sets that are on sale on Amazon:
7938 City Passenger Train
& 70500 Kai’s Fire Mech

They couldn’t be more different, but what they do have in common is that they are both on sale, they are both good for parting out, and…well, they are both red.

That last one tells you how tired I am writing this tonight.

7938 City Passenger Train retails at $129.99, but good luck finding it anywhere on sale. Toys R Us probably carries it for around $150. Even with their frequent BOGO 50% off, it’s still $112. LEGO Shop@Home has it, but you won’t find them discounting it and we’ve got a few months to go before the next double VIP period. Finally, the set is from 2010. How much longer can you expect it to be stocked. For investors who like to flip sealed sets, I think now is a good time to pick this one up before it is gone. Amazon is asking $97.49 for it which is 25% off. There is a limit of 2, but with their quick processing, I don’t see it being a problem placing multiple orders. The part out value is $206.92 if you choose to open it (or them). That’s a pretty good value at 2.12x. Let me be the first to tell you that LEGO Trains are great. They part out well, the appreciate quickly, and they are always in demand. I parted out 3 Constitution Train Chase sets and sold all of the “train parts” immediately. AFOLs build trains, and the best place to get the train staples is from existing trains. What other sort of MOC requires a standardized portion which is easily found complete in sets?

The other set is 70500 Kai’s Fire Mech. It retails at $9.99 but is on sale right now for $7.30. The part out value is $18.49 which is 2.53x the price you paid. There is a limit of 5 on this set, but that’s alright because buying 5 of them puts you $1.50 over the free shipping threshold. Very convenient, huh? Not that this would matter if you bought 5 Mechs and 2 Trains. I often tell you not to part out the smallest sets because they are more easily in financial reach of builders and collectors. Why buy parts from your store at BrickLink averages when I can buy the whole set for just a little more? Well the new wave of Ninjago just came out last week and Kai’s Fire Mech is from the previous wave. In fact, Kai, in his kimono, is only in this one set. With every new wave, there are new fans to LEGO. Children are just now receiving their first sets in the Ninjago theme. What do they do when they’ve exhausted the current crop of sets? Work backwards. Like I said, this set is the only one in the previous wave to feature Kai in this form. He is also considered the main character of the Ninjago TV show. I think buying this set and parting it out would be a wise investment for the inventory of Kai figs alone.

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