Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Monday December 2nd, 2013

Today we’ll be moving away from Shop@Home even though they added a bunch of new sets to the clearance page, some of which have already come and gone. If you are still thinking it over, stick with the Mini Modulars. They are packed with good, small pieces and the higher price point will put you ahead of the competition.

Today in Monday and that means it’s a new week for retail store sales (though they usually start on Sundays but whatever). Toys R Us…hey, stop it! Put those pitchforks down! What did I tell you? There’s only two reasons to go to TRU, polybags and CMFs when there is ANY kind of sale. The TRU markup works in brackets. Based on the cost of the set, the markup will be $2, $5, $10, and so on. The smaller the set, the more digestible the markup. Polybags and CMFs have markups under $1 and any sort of sale can usually knock them back down below MSRP. And what items almost never go on sale anywhere else? The smallest ones because they are “already cheap enough.” How often can you get CMFs for under $2.99 from LEGO? Black Friday (not this year though) and maybe when they can’t sell an older series. That leaves you with stocking up at TRU when there is a sale. They do have a LOT of sales, just most of them are pitiful when it comes to sets. “Figs and Bags” as you’ll see me call them, are high in quantity at any TRU and constantly restocked.

So what polybag are we looking for now, Chris….

30216 Lake-town Guard is “emerging” at TRU in the US. If you don’t see it, keep checking back or ask a manager. Now there’s always a chance that they will have been bought up by the hundreds by people like John at so I won’t be searching for them. If I do find any, I will have him sell them for me. He is local to me and there is no point in me buying any polybags in “his turf.”

Now if you remember a bag called Mirkwood Elf Guard, you may know that it was the most successful polybag in probably the past 3 years. This thing sold consistently for ~$9 and is most likely over $10 by now. I sold about 50 of them when they were out and I unfortunately passed on getting many more. Anyway, that bag had a few things going for it. It was licensed (The Hobbit), it was army-able, and it was cool looking. Those are the 3 things, along with rarity, that you look for in successful CMFs as well. That Elf Guard fig never appeared in any sets. There are VERY similar minifigs in the new Mirkwood Elf Army set, but they are not exactly the same. You do get 3 of them in that set though…

The Lake-town Guard minifig APPEARS to be identical to the Lake-town Guard minifig in the $50 Lake-town Chase set. You only get 1 of them there though. And at a price of $4.99 for the polybag, many, MANY buyers will opt for the bag over the set when it comes to making armies. Did you think I forgot? Nope, TRU is running BOGO 50% off right now and as far as I can tell, no exclusions hinder you from buying ALL of the guard bags and selling them at 1.5-2x MSRP. Cast your fears aside and BUY THEM ALL!

Yes, ALL of them!!

You cannot go wrong with these polybags. Now I should mention, later on there will be a second polybag for this wave and it will feature Legolas, a minifig we’ve seen a bunch of times. This seems very familiar. Remember when the Mirkwood Elf Guard was sold out everywhere, the “Gandalf at who-the-hell-cares” polybag was left behind. Nobody wanted it at TRU and then it showed up at a couple of other stores as well for even less money. I wouldn’t suggest buying many Legolas bags, but hey, those aren’t even out yet.

So run, sprint, volley your way to TRU (or 10 of them) and buy up all of the 30216 Lake-town Guard polybags you can get your hands on. Keep your head low and avoid moms who are just asking for 1 bag for their son. Don’t think of the children! And when you get them all home (and after making your haul video which mentions my post here), sell them on any site you can. There currently is no BrickLink entry for this item, but I am really hoping there is one within the week. Not that waiting until next week to start selling them is a terrible thing, but the larger the investment, the faster you will want to see some sweet, sweet ROI rolling in.

Did you enjoy this post? Check back daily because there will be a new one every single day! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment and/or share this tip to your favorite social media platform.


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