Your Buying Strategy of the Day: Saturday November 30th, 2013

This is a special inaugural post as the daily service will kick off tomorrow, December 1st.

As we are still in the Black Friday wind-down, there are still deals to be had, should those items not be sold out where you live. has Speedorz for $7.48 each. This is the lowest price LEGO has ever sold them for, save for giving them away for free by the truckload at the last few LEGO conventions. They are normally $14.99 each so these are 50% off. Check your memory, not often do we get LEGO slashing their own products that low. cough cough UCS B-Wing cough.

Anyway, if you watch my videos, you probably know that going after the cheap sets, especially when they are EVEN CHEAPER isn’t the best plan. Essentially, the cheaper the set, the easier it is for ANYONE to buy. If they are buying it easily enough, they won’t consider buying the elements of interest from your store. They will just buy the set and consider the remainder as more bricks for the pile.

There are 9 Speedorz in stock on the clearance page (which could very well become fewer) and there is a limit of 5 per order. My strategy for you today is to buy 20 Speedorz from Shop@Home. 20?! Settle yourself. You are buying 20 because that gets you over a total pre-tax purchase price of $149. At $149 they will throw in a free $10 giftcard. I know, I know, more “discounts” which actually require you spending MORE money. Well, it’s better than nothing. The alternative is to get 14 Speedorz putting you over $99 which qualifies you for the Holiday set which is worth a minimum of $20 on BrickLink. You will also get that set with the $149 purchase in addition to the giftcard of course. The bare minimum is getting 5 copies of 1 Speedor. Why 5 of 1? Because you are going to at LEAST aim for a high quantity part out if nothing else.

So which Speedorz do I get? Which Chima tribe resells for the most? Do I get the Skunk since they are only available in these Speedorz?

There are 9 sets as I mentioned. They all have the same MSRP of $14.99 and the same sale price of $7.48. But like any LEGO sets, they are not created equal. (Yeah, some of them are made in Mexico). <–This guy has jokes…

The following is the part out value of the sets in question:
70104 Jungle Gates: $22.78
70108 Royal Roost: $22.54
70105 Nest Dive: $19.63
70107 Skunk Attack: $19.40
70101 Target Practice: $18.83
70109 Whirling Vines: $18.61
70106 Ice Tower: $16.32
70102 CHI Waterfall: $15.35
70100 Ring of Fire: $14.39

Well is that what you expected? For a purchase of 20 sets, I would get 5 Jungle Gates, 5 Royal Roosts, 5 Nest Dives, & 5 Skunk Attacks. 20 Jungle Gates would be ideal, but it isn’t an option. That plan gives you a total part out of $421.75 on your $149.60 (plus tax) order. That’s nearly 3x your investment. And let’s not forget the incentives! A $10 giftcard and a set which can be resold for $20. That’s $441.75 into your store for the cost of $139.60 (plus tax). It has now crossed over 3x your investment. P.S. There’s triple VIP points so if you have any VIP dollars, don’t use them now. Use them any other time of the year.

Cost: $149.60 (upfront) $117.16 (after incentives)
Credit: $10 giftcard plus $22.44 in VIP points for a total of $32.44 to spend as soon as your order arrives.
Store value: $441.75

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